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Spotlighting the Trends of Fall 2017 Fashion

It’s the end of October. You would think that at this point in the autumn season, we would all be well into the routine of gazing at beautiful fall foliage, enjoying holding a warm pumpkin spice latte in our hands, and cuddling up with a cozy blanket on chilly nights. However, this season specifically sent everyone (especially me) into a tizzy of confusion. Due to the warmer weather in September and October, I’ve…

  • Been tortured by 90-degree plus afternoon car rides home with a broken air conditioner for a week straight.
  • Cried because my jack-o-lantern only lasted a week before it died, one week before Halloween. (#rippumpkin)
  • Forgotten to decorate for Halloween because it didn’t feel like fall.
  • Been repeatedly asked by my parents if the leaves in Lancaster County were changing colors at the same time as the leaves in Bucks County. The answer was always no because it was too warm.
  • Yearned for the days when I could start wearing my boots, scarves, and sweaters.

Like magic, within two weeks we went from having summerlike temperatures to sweater weather. And we can finally (FINALLY) say that fall weather is here to stay in Pennsylvania — which means it’s time for the exciting annual round of new fashion styles that typically make their debut in fall.

Everyone has been filling their closets with the latest new trends and anxiously waiting for the right moment to wear them. Now that the chillier weather is here, you can expect to see the following four styles take control of the fashion world.

It IS Easy Being Green

Although fall’s leaves come in various shades of crisp red, orange and yellow, you won’t see too many of these shades making an appearance in sweaters or blazers. Instead, army green has emerged to become the de facto color of the season.

The shade has been in trend years, and it’s likely to stick around for at least a few more. Since GQ is calling it “the color you can wear with anything,” army green is extremely versatile when it comes to coordinating a killer outfit. Treat it like a neutral, because this shade can pair with any color from hot pink to sunny yellow.

PARIS, FRANCE – SEPTEMBER 24: Helena Bordon poses wearing a Vionnet dress, Schutz shoes and Fendi bag on September 24, 2014, in Paris, France. (Photo by Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images)

If you don’t know how to wear army green, check out this blog post from StyleCaster, which features 54 photos for inspiration about how to wear the color!

Check, Please

Brisk weather means it might be time to break out your classic camel check scarf from Burberry. As a nod to the fashion house, many other designers have used checked patterns in everything from scarves to jackets to shoes. According to W Magazine, checks, plaids, and Dorothy Gale-inspired gingham are a must-have print for this fall. So if you want to be fashion-forward, get your hands on the pattern now. Just take a look at these black and red checked pumps from Mix No. 6.

Available for purchase at
Fountains of Fringe

From the glittery, dapper look of the 1920s to the disco-era western look of the 1970s, fringe was a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. Over the past few years, the style has been having a moment, and like army green, the trend is here to stay. Expect to see the accent on zippers of shoes, the ends of sleeves, the bottoms of blouses, as well as accents on handbags.

Puffy Sleeves

At last summer’s Republican National Convention, Melania Trump wore a white, cotton-silk sheath dress with balloon cuffs from luxury e-commerce site Net-a-Porter. The dress became so popular that it was sold out within the hour.

One year later, balloon cuffs and ruffled sleeves are making an appearance in J. Crew’s line of new fall arrivals. This ruffle-front chambray top and silk cold-shoulder top in heart print are an example of the trend.

Available for purchase at J. Crew.

Whether you enjoy wearing a rugged army green bomber jacket or a dazzling set of tasseled shoes, fall 2017’s trends will have you walking down the street with confidence and style. If you don’t own any of these items already, you’re only a few clicks away from possessing a piece of clothing that you’ll wear all season long.