Behind the Curtain: Inside the Mind of a Social Media Manager

Do you follow an account that’s been ON POINT with their content lately?

Please, give the person behind the curtain words of thanks or encouragement.

Wordsmithing snappy branded social posts or stories dotted with well-placed emojis, strategic hashtags, and finding/cropping JUST the right photo to satisfy your audience and your boss (or client) — while giving credit to the appropriate sources — is more thoughtful and meticulous than one may think.

And fielding comments, tags, reviews and customer service questions seven days a week is hard enough as it is — toss in a pandemic, heightened tensions, racial, and class disparities, attentiveness to the news in general, and sometimes pulling/adjusting/writing content at last minute to reflect appropriate social conversations of the day for four solid months — and you are looking at many anxious, tired, stressed and oh-so-over-it social media managers.

We can’t just “delete” social media and take a mental break for awhile, like others can. Social media content curation and management is in our job description.

We’re not just brands, we’re people. Be kind. Be patient. Be thankful. Spread love, not hate.