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A. Blessing Counts Her Blessings

“It’s so easy to get caught up in what we don’t have or what could be better — commonly referred to as ‘first world problems’ — that we lose sight of what we do have.” – Morgan Marianelli

Like my friend Morgan here, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Between…

  • general wedding planning
  • constant travel to and from my hometown in Bucks County for wedding planning
  • working my butt off to get promoted at work
  • getting promoted at work
  • transitioning out of my old role and into a new one at work
  • trying to get some form of exercise, whether it’s walking on the treadmill or attending a barre class
  • tending to my sore back with visits to my chiropractor
  • attending pre-marriage counseling with my fiance
  • attending synagogue every once in a while, reading books about Judaism, and attending meetings with the Rabbi to assist with my converting process
  • Figuring out general adulting things like health care bills, car insurance, phone plans, and the housing market

… you can see why I haven’t had the energy or willpower to write anything outside the scope of a work assignment. I’m exhausted. I’m actually beyond exhausted. Every day it’s harder for me to leave the comforts of my bed. Every day it gets harder to remember what I packed myself for lunch that morning. Every day it gets harder to remember the reasons why I do what I do or the reasons why I have what I have. And every day it gets harder to remember what I’ve accomplished — both at work and in my personal life.

The days add up to weeks, and the weeks add up to months as I continue my exhaustive grind. Before I know it, so much time has gone by that I don’t remember what I do or what I have anymore. As Morgan suggested, it’s all too easy to get caught up in life that you don’t appreciate what you have in front of you.

Lately, this is an all too accurate description of how I feel every day. Inspired by Morgan’s blog post, I’d take a moment and write out a short gratitude list, to “count my blessings,” as her water bottle says. This list has been very therapeutic for me, especially considering how busy I’ve been and how I’ve been feeling lately.


I have my wonderful fiance who will soon be my husband. After seven years of dating and a three-year prolonged engagement, we are finally in a good place in our lives where we are ready to tie the knot. We graduated from college, we moved away from home, we found an apartment we love to live in, we have jobs, and we’re (somewhat?) financially sound enough to take the plunge. Getting to where we are today has been a series of challenges beyond belief, but nothing has broken us apart, and I’m proud to be still standing next to the man who I’ve been in love with since high school. It’s unreal that the big day will be here in roughly two months. Not only am I counting my blessings, but I’m also counting the days I have left as “A. Blessing” as well!


Although the majority of our family is back in the Philadelphia suburbs (and it’s rough), I have my mini-family here in Lancaster with my fiance and our lovable cat, Nola. Nothing is sweeter than coming home from work to find my fiance and our cat to greet me at the door. Nola, who’s the most dog-like cat I’ve ever met, usually beats him to it and won’t stop meowing unless I pick her up to say hi. Nola is a unique cat, whose crazy shenanigans can likely fill and successfully sell a children’s book. Whether she’s on top of our kitchen cabinets, enjoying a walk outside, playing with running water or snuggling with my fiance and me, Nola indeed makes our home feel like “home.”


I have a network of friends here in Lancaster that I can call family. It’s tough to live in an unfamiliar rural area with no family around, but my friends make it a bit easier. Whether it’s listening to me gripe about how insanely high the housing prices are back in my hometown, encouraging me to get some exercise or read a physical book, or joking around at the bar, I have a solid group of people I can lean on to guide me through this complicated thing called life.

Alexandra Lashner Friends

I have a job that I love. I’m happy to call BrandYourself as my first place of formal full-time employment. I love the type of work that I do, I love the people I work with, I love the opportunities I have available to me, and I love knowing that I’m part of a company that’s growing — and growing FAST! We can thank loads of impressive positive press from Shark Tank, Huffington Post, Adweek and the like for that. Humblebragging aside, I wouldn’t trade this first job for any other first job in the world.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 12.54.53 PM

I have Netflix. I know, some of you may think Netflix is a ridiculous thing to be thankful for, but lately, I’m appreciative of the “binging aspect” to get my mind off of things. “Gilmore Girls,” “Nailed It,” “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes,” and “Santa Clarita Diet” are a small selection of shows that I’ve binged in the past couple of months. I’m eyeing “The Great Interior Design Challenge” next.


Though this isn’t an exhaustive list, love, family, friends, work, and relaxation have been the core of my existence — and survival — over the past few months. I’m thankful for each of these blessings that I’ve laid out before you, I hope that these five will keep me sane over the next few months and beyond.

Now it’s your turn, what are your blessings?