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6 Reasons Why I Think the “Deadpool” Marketing Team are Sheer Geniuses

So I, a self-proclaimed girly-girl, recently watched a superhero movie. By choice. Usually, the only time I ever watch a movie of this genre is when I’m with my fiancé. Most often I don’t feel like watching a superhero movie, but I do anyway because it’s what he wants to watch. Well this time, the tables were turned.

For his birthday present, I bought us two tickets to see “Deadpool” in theaters. The latest Marvel installment had a significant amount of hype and promotion. The marketing for this film was so carefully and creatively planned that it turned me, a woman who isn’t interested in Marvel movies, into a fan. 

That is reason number one that I believe the “Deadpool” marketing team is a group of geniuses.

Reason number two: The trailer-trailer. A trailer—before the actual trailer— just to announce that the trailer for the movie will be coming soon. Who does that??

Snapchat was another smart move. The social media outlet has become an increasingly popular marketing tool. According to Amy Jacques, managing editor of publications for PRSA (Public Relations Society of America), brands still post on other social outlets and platforms, but they are using Snapchat to roll out exclusive or limited content.

During Super Bowl 50, the “Deadpool” marketing team ran a photo filter of the character with an owl on his head. The text said “What a superb owl party!” What a creative play on words there, “Deadpool” marketing team.

Another reason why I think the marketing team is comprised of geniuses is because of their use of emoji—an increasingly popular way to communicate through text. The “Deadpool” marketing team took advantage of it and created a billboard advertisement with emoji. Tim Nudd from “Adweek” describes the billboard as “so stupid, it’s genius.” I have to say I fully agree 100 percent.

Alexandra Lashner Deadpool 1

This marketing team embodied everything about SMART goals. Not only were they timely with the Super Bowl, but they were timely with Valentine’s Day as well. Since the film came out on Valentine’s Day weekend, the marketing team managed to frame the movie as a rom-com. The ads actually managed to trick unknowing members of the public into thinking that it was a rom-com, not an action movie. Hilarious.

Alexandra Lashner Deadpool 2

However, by far, the most impressive marketing stunt I saw was the cover of “People Magazine” with Ryan Reynolds. In the opening scene of “Deadpool,” you see a clear shot of “People Magazine” with Ryan Reynolds on the cover. THAT VERY SAME MAGAZINE was available for purchase in real life on the newsstand shelves. My fiancé and I stopped into a supermarket after the movie. And guess what we saw on the newsstand. “People Magazine” with the same exact cover that was shown in the movie. I was so impressed I freaked out.

Alexandra Lashner Deadpool 3

The campaign embodied everything about Deadpool and more. This marketing team had guts. The campaign was so hysterical, blunt, smart-alecky and idiotic—just like the titular character. They were consistently on top of it. It was brilliant. I am just so utterly impressed by this campaign that naturally, as a public relations pre-professional, I must write about it.

And boy, I would write more, but I don’t want this article to get too long.